Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A glimpse at Isha's 2nd B'day party

It started wtih a hasty return from work to take care of the arrangements at home for a small celebration. I was worried about Isha's health; on the eve of her b'day, she showed up 101 degree Fahrenheit, and we took her to emergency at 3 AM in the night. She was prescribed crocin and another medicine for setting bowel movements right.
So with all this in mind, I went out of my mind all through the day at office and during my return home, until I saw Raj. [He's always been my morale booster... He's always convinces me things are ok.] When I anxiously asked him, how the kid was doing. He said, she's sleeping and just doing fine.
Finally, a moment of relief! Happy to know that her illness had not progressed. We set out in full swing to prepare the house for a small party, if I can call that so...
Balloons, decoration papers, hangings on the wall, paper cone caps written 'happy b'day', cake, snacks etc etc set the celebration mood at home :)
We decorated the hall to whatever extent possible with the little ones (Isha and Anush) around... They went on and on in extending my patience level :)) As I blow a balloon, these tiny ones will be in the queue to take it from me. Finally managed to stick a few in the walls and moved to the next phase...

Dressing up the party princess... All of us almost failed in this one single event! We succeeded just to make her wear the panty! not the party dress from aunt, the one from mom & dad couldn't stand longer than the photo sessions... so the cake cutting ceremony happened with isha on her real b'day suit with just the old trunk around!

Lets look at the highlights!

Highlights of the event:
1) Decoration truned out to be simple and beautiful
2) Bonus balloons for the kids
3) Isha cried her tonsils out for wearing the b'day dress, liked just her shorts
4) Grandpa got another big cake for all of us (so totally we had about 3 boxes of cake)
5) Cutting cake was another big mess
6) Cake was made into a cake crums at the end
7) Photo session was absolutely random (Poor dad was missed out in the mess that happened)
8) Girls liked their toys (Teddy and Tigky) and accepted them as their doubles partners.
9) Heavy thunderstorm and rain, followed by cool night (A much wanted break from the zapping heat)
10) And a dinner for all of us bought from some ABC hotel :) which Prasad managed to get it in the heavy rains! (Special thanks to him :) )