Monday, February 7, 2011

Stoned and stunned!!!

It was reasonably dark. I returned from work early, compared to the guilt-filled late night hours. While I was entering my house gate, there was this usual street dog who resides in around our parking area... I ignore it and don't care to acknowledge it. Rather too busy even to glance her. There are four houses in the apartment... Through the day the dog would spend time inside, sometimes outside the gate. When she is out, someone needs to arrive at the gate, so that the gate will be opened. Today, when I returned, she was staying out. Casually, I just happened to look into her eyes! I was stoned and stunned... so much emotion overflowing. I asked her 'ammu kutti, would you like to stay inside dear'. First time I spoke to her I suppose... She replied very beautifully, 'she came behind me waging her tails gleefully' It kindled a different emotion in me.
There is so much of love all around us, in a leaf, a rock, a flower and more abundantly in animals too. But I suppose, we are going behind human beings to share it.

[No wonder Americans prefer Pets, to their spouses! They are already ahead of us... ]

I am not patronizing to have pets at home certainly. All I am conveying is that it becomes easy to respond to life around in a graceful way when you experience something like this! I don't think I will go, caress her, for I am forever afraid of that species. But my heart will beat for it!