Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Ramayana

I don't understand how kids like to listen to the same story again and again... I have been saying this story (The story name 'Rama Story' or Baby Ramayana) every night with little variation to my little one, Isha Krupa. She doesn't fall asleep unless she hears this story...

So now, the story... Be careful, you may doze off when you finish reading :))

Once upon a time, there lived a king. The King had four babies. First baby's name was Rama, Second baby's name Lakshmana, third baby's name was Bharatha, Fourth baby's name Shatrugna.
Baby Rama was very fond of Baby Lakshmana (in her language Rama paappa, lakshmana paappa and so on...). Every day Lakshmana used to get lots of kisses from Baby Rama.

One day, all four babies - Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrugna - went to a forest for playing. They were playing 'Ringa Ringa roses, Pocket full of roses, Hasha Busha ... All fall down' game...

All of a sudden, a big lion came that way and saw these kids playing there... Lion came close by and threatened Rama, 'Hey Rama, go home... This is our place. Who asked you to come here?' Baby Rama replied 'Lion, I am not scared of you... I have a big bow and arrow and a stick also' 'I'll beat you up'.
'More over', Rama said, 'I drink Pediasure every day so I am very strong... So you better go inside the forest. We will not go home, we are going to play another game'
and Rama and his baby brothers continued to play...

The Lion was angry, but he decided to use his mind. So he went to the big elephant of the forest. He went and narrated the encounter with Rama. The elephant listened carefully and said, 'King Lion... you don't worry about Rama and his baby brothers. I'll smash them'

The lion gleefully followed the elephant and reached the kid's play area. Rama saw them both. Elephant told the same thing as lion did. He asked them to disappear from the forest or he might get angry. Rama said the same thing that he had a big bow and arrow and he would hurt them.

Elephant was shocked and didn't know what to do. He stood stunned before Rama. Immediately, Baby Rama smiled, 'Elephant and Lion... ha ha ha... don't be scared. I was jus kidding. I won't beat you. I would like to be friends with you, if you wish... We can play together'... Lion and elephant were so relieved for Baby Rama was not afraid of elephant and his big appearance also. They both became so happy, and agreed to the proposal. They realized Rama and his baby brothers were all so brave, intelligent, honest and friendly.

So the elephant and lion became friends with Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrugna and played every day in the forest ever after :)

By this time, Isha will be yawning... But if you stop in the middle, she'll nag you to continue...

I am writing this today for two reasons

1) One day, I'll read this story back to her :)
2) Some one reading this can use it as their kid's bed time story
This story relates to her day to day activities and teaches some morals. *like drinking pediasure makes Rama strong, lion and elephant play and that they can be Rama's playmates, how lion decided to call elephant when he was alone, how rama used non violence to conquer those mammoth animals ;-)

The list continues....

We tried Krishna story, but apparently, this became her favorite bed time story :)

Good night folks :)