Friday, December 28, 2012

Color, Color, What Color do you want?!!

What has struck me hard this year was colours! It is a kind of revelation in me how colors are bad, poisonous and deadly, unlike to the fact that colors are beautiful. The realization came in me through "illiterate country folks" whom I have not seen at all. Without much ado, let me hit the nail on its head.

My uncle was diagnosed of cancer recently. Not sure of which category, degree, stage etc etc. Once the kith and kin came to know of this, two things happened.
1) Plenty of visits
2) Finding out the reasons for Cancer - mammoth task isn't it?

He doesn't smoke or drink or even use pan or tobacco which means he is a tee-totaller... Then how come? These not-so-educated visitors proposed several theories for the cause. My dad endured the visit to my uncle along with the bunch of intelligent visitors. Of the many stories that was floating around, the one which managed to reach my ears through my dad was this - "He used to always carry 'balli mittai' in his pocket. He used to eat a lot. That's the cause for his cancer".

What is with balli mittai? They are good for health, they have cumin seed in it which is good for digestion. These so called illiterate, not-so-educated visitors are not looking at the cumin seed or the sugar coating on it. They are looking and analyzing 'God-damn colors' or in other words 'Carcinogens'!

I am not endorsing their theory on the causes of cancer. What I picked from this is usage of artificial food colours all over the places in restaurants, sweet shops and in all manufactured food items.

In manufactured food like chocolates, chips, cookies, soft drinks etc, they are forced to mention the ingredients. After consciously mentioning sugar, fatty acids, wheat, flavour this and that, I always see this 'contains permitted colors and flavours'. What are they?
In hotels and sweet shops, apart from taste, making the dish appear colorful is equally important, of course, to delight us! This means they use beautiful colors unchecked.
I wish like the way they ask 'Sugar/No Sugar', they ask us 'Color/No Color'.

Cancer causing carcinogens found in food colours are slow poisons. It doesn't kill anyone in one day and not all of us! So, we are least inclined towards checking the usage of them anywhere.

My message at the end is -
"Eat food items that grows from a plant
Not the ones that are manufactured from a plant!"

Stop giving your child - all coloured and ready made food items from outside. Feed them healthy!