Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My BF told 'I love you'!

No no no... it's not 'Boy Friend', it is 'Best Friend'... my BF told 'I love you' to her date (if i can call him so). She seems to be set well into the groove - "Courtship with her would be husband!" A perfect relationship, ideal couple, they look like...

As I turn back, and walk along the memory lanes of the times I spent with her, I know, 'Romance, love, longingness, anxiety of separation' were all once 'Greek & Latin' to her... Now this thin lady is dancing in love's rhythms! I can't tell you how happy I am and definitely not how happy she is :)
Mind is capable of doing many things that you wouldn't imagine, and Love will be a key player in the game... My dear lady is doing/saying unimaginable things for her stature and character!

Wishing tons of luck to her 'would be' ;-), couldn't resist pitying him :) as he nods his head for e'thing she says!

Once the romance wears out a bit, its gonna be fun to watch them! But I hope they live long with the freshness of love and romance for many many years :)

Good luck buddies!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Guess what! today my little one told me 'pogaadhe' (dont go)! I was taken over by surprise for the little brat finally learnt to utter that one killing word! Out of the non stop talking she does like me, this is the first time she used this one!

Its a big achievement for her and me too... A number of days I have wondered and talked to my friends in despair, when I started going to work after exhausting maternity and e'other leave "I wish my kid opens her mouth and tell me, 'how is it for her when I leave to work?', but alas, she couldn't communicate... should i take it as OK or not OK... I don't know"

Now after more than a year, she sprouted that little mesmerizing word - "pogaadhe"... I just smiled and went back and asked her, ' what is it?', she blushed and burried her face into her hands and repeated it!

Oh! What a moment it was...
Know what!! My tiny one was saying it for fun :)) when I was just going to the kitchen to get her meal!! and she knows the running around is about to start anytime...

Ain't she smart!?!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

How does it feel?! :-)

Its gonna be almsot 2 years since my little one came to this world, or in other words I became a mother...
How does it feel?! It feels like e'thing... Yes, e'thing in my life... So far what ever feeling I felt in me, every bit of it has intensified. Happiness, tears of joy, love, compassion, passion, anxiety, disturbance, resentfulness, loneliness, helplessness! It was a different
'me' altogether to me! I never thought Isha will take Raj's place in terms of energy, attention & time... May be I took it very hard on me - The Parenting.

Not even 2 years and I kinda feel exhausted emotionally to bear her every mischief, every smile, every laughter, every hug, every illness, every cry, every tantrum and what not! It is so overwhelming... Having said all this, I feel so intense! very intense!
Intensely joyful, intensely compassionate and intensely sad too... It is like swinging from one end to the other end...
And you know what! I am enjoying the ride!
(I better do! :-)) )

So with that,
I am saying 'Congratulations' to me and to all mothers in the world!
They deserve much more than what they do now!