Monday, November 14, 2016

My husband mocked me making Briyani. Is he a nationalist?

'I am gonna prepare a yummy veg Briyani', I announced! 'Do you know how to make it?', he asked in concern. After all, he was going to eat it.

'I have been preparing for this day for sometime now. I even bought the ingredients and have done a lot of research on how to make the best Briyani'

He further to annoy me, 'Let me monitor how you make it'. Not withstanding this comment, going back to my patience reserve, I quietly asked, 'Have you done it before? Please, let me make it peacefully. You can taste when done.'

So, I lighted the stove and kept the bottom heavy vessel on the stove. He was right behind and asked me 'why not this vessel?'. I was wondering what happened of him. I gave him the reason and moved on to pour oil. He shouted, 'too much oil... Reduce the heat. You are not letting the vegetables cook.'

He went on and on like this. After adding the vegetables, spices, all necessary grounded powder, he tasted it, 'too salty'. I again asked him to trust me, 'I know what I am doing. I have to add rice. So this masala would be slightly salty now.'

Then again he bet his life by lamenting, 'this doesn't look like Briyani. Feel you are making tamarind rice!'. This time, I ran out of patience and I had to swear at him :-D

And when I was adding rice to the mixture, like the good Lord, he asked, 'Where is basmati rice?' You know I was waiting for this. 'Oh! I see. I have been asking you to help with the preparation, like buying the necessary provisions, washing n cutting vegetables. You were quiet when I did all by myself and now you ask for basmati rice. For your own good, pls move away, once it is ready, I will serve you. We both can enjoy the Briyani together'

He acted as if he was possessed. He went on to say, 'I still feel you don't know how to make it. You are simply raising expectation. I saw how you make, this is not how Briyani would look like. This is going to be a big failure. Rice appears like uncooked rice whereas it would be soft in actual and in pictures too...'

Like a good wife(!), I understood his panic and decided to spare his life. He has not seen anyone preparing this dish earlier. Hence he was anxious about the making and the final outcome.

Now the exciting part of this article. 'Whether the Briyani came out well or not?'

I am sorry to disappoint you. But this isn't about Briyani at all. Please replace 'I', 'me' with Narendra Modi,  the bickering not-so-helpful husband with the "true nationalist" who complain about the surgical strike on black money that our PM cooked for the nation while at the same time ceaselessly question, 'What did #56inch do about corruption in India?'

Read the article from the first now and this is how some of us are behaving. We don't know the exact recipe for a Corruption free India nor we would help with preparation or render any sort of cooperation. Someone out there is attempting something. Let us give him a chance, it is better than doing nothing about it. Given all the outcomes so far, I trust we would taste a great veg briyani, err, Corruption Free India soon.

Of course, our participation is required in every step, by helping people in need, by following rules, by not paying receipt less fines to police, cheating with fake rent receipts, medical bills, buy without bills to purchase in tax less cost, register property at lower cost again to cut back on taxes.

We have accepted all these as norm. We comfortably question some one out there, because it is easy. Let the buck stop with us.

Swach Bharat will not happen without we cleansing ourselves. Whatever it takes, let's face it, let's come out clean. Let us reset ourselves to zero and start a fresh account.

Good luck to all of us! My India, Clean India!
 And I am trying to do my part by constantly questioning my own hypocrisy. Let me get my hands clean first. I am sure I can get there and not jus be an arm chair commentator!