Thursday, November 25, 2010

Make a Move and Now!

Aggressive or Competitive or Complacent - which is better?

As I write this article, there is only one thing that comes to my mind - Being at peace with yourself! Nah... certainly this is some kind of gyan I am trying to sell to anyone!

Of late, I came across a lot of people, with different kinds of worries, problems - most of them work related. As I question more and more into their problems, I saw only one root - Comparison!

It is like 'Why not I get a mother-in-law like her?, 'Why not I get a manager like him', or 'my age - but earning twice as me', 'saree exactly of the same design and color would be awesome' There is nothing wrong with it! Absolutely nothing!

Even my 3 year old is like that. 'Mom, I want the same ear ring as yours ;-)' She feels mine is better!

Money, success, position, health, better balanced family life - I think we got to understand one comes at a cost of another... How mean is our society or nature or whatever is responsible? Why not everyone have everything? Well, it is a useless question and I call it so, because I don't have an answer! :P

Now coming back to Comparison - whomever we compare with, one may have say more money, but not health... another one may have position, but not money etc etc... Most of us comfortably ignore what it has taken for a person to get where they are!

Oh yes! I hear you 'I know all of this and more' For those impatient folks, here comes the conclusion - If you think you don't have something may it be a better job, role, career, health or personal life (sorry, I don't include better spouses here - got to live with them anyway, because they have become necessary evils in our lives - Again there are exceptions and I hope exceptions are in great number :) :)), just move your ASS!!!!!

I mean MAKE A MOVE! Look for a better healthy diet, exercise, talk to your manager for a better role, look for a job change, see how you can spend quality time with your family, - To act on whatever you see is missing in your life! ACT NOW!!

Is the problem solved? not really... "I also act on my shortcomings, but my peer or neighbour is also acting fast and he also progresses at the same pace!" "What to do now? When will I become he or she?"

I am not writing anymore... Well, if I read this to my little "logic" princess at home, she will say, 'Ma, don't compare ma! I have mine, they have theirs' :)

Good luck folks!