Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shopping and Sex

Shopping and Sex

I see a strong relationship, at the same time, a sharp contrast in these two acts... Have you made any guesses already?! :-) Whatever the answer is, pls read on...

Shopping - it is the most exciting thing that a bride looks forward to in a marriage function... Remember all the shopping plans, sarees, dresses, jewels, make up, etc etc. Certainly an exciting one!
Sex - What is this? Oh yeah... you got it right! this is for the groom. Not sure of the interest the guy shows in taking a black/gray blazer or maroon/half white kurta set! But definitely, he is 'on' for the first night!
These two are the things that keep male and female rejuvenated, energized, ever!

Don't gag...

I pause here for a moment in a pensive mood... and dare to write that men and women in a marriage are like two different species. They are asked and expected to lead/live life together 'padinaarum petru peru vaazhvu vaazhga' (may you live gloriously with all kind of richness (including love, laughter, kids etc) filled in your life)! Until the thread of love develops between these two species and binds them together, the above statement is a joke, isn't it?

Why I am taking a hit at marriage now? I am into this for the last 7 years! Is my marriage breaking down? :-)) Not definitely...

This is a dig at how marriages are conducted in our culture... In this modern era, where everything is decided by logic and nothing else, this eludes all logic and the expectation from society is absurd and ridiculous! Mind you, I am not talking about the ritual, but the mindset of all the people involved.

Sacred thread is tied in a minute, man and woman declared husband and wife effortlessly. Will the kissing (now the groom can kiss the bride!) or taking rounds around the sacred fire melt the ego and unite them? I doubt!

This is more true for arranged marriages. Whether the liking is developed between the two or not is not the question! "Horoscope and caste match so you live happily with the other half!" Things are changing nowadays and 'know each other' time is allotted by parents. Hope it is a fair process, saying 'no' is also allowed.

Finally, I am not sure of any solution neither have I any suggestions for a better marital life... Because amongst all these contrasts, differences between the partners, life goes on either willingly or unwillingly. There must be a few of us here who may feel 'this is not my case. I love my partner. I value and accept his/her opinions and differences. Shopping or sex? silly, we are beyond it. I know my partner very well'. Kudos and Congratulations to those fellas...

To the rest, I can only say 'You are not alone' :-)