Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fulfilling experience...

Do you remember the day you came to know that you are going to become a mom or dad? Have you savored each and every moment, the first time you held your child? Heaven isn't? I thought my life was made! It was definitely the most intense experience next to being with my Guru.

After being a mother, almost each day I underwent agony, when I see underprivileged children. It is even more agonizing to witness myself just being a passer by...

What am I doing to these children? I carry a heavy pay check home. But I know I live an unfulfilled life. I can't adopt all those children and provide food and shelter to my soul's satisfaction. Should I leave them like that because I didn't carry them in my womb. I want to do something, but.

What about providing food and education to a rural village girl? She has the will to learn, but doesn't have a school near by. She dreams of becoming a doctor, but her parents are struggling for the next meal. Majority of India's next generation only "dream" of a happy living...

How about participating in the democracy, enriching my nation's future generation with good health and sound mind?

I came to know of Isha Vidhya! I sponsor a child. Her name is Padmasree. Isha Vidhya takes care of her education and they provide healthy meals. I have been sponsoring her education for the last 2 years. Now she is in standard IV. I have seen her, she has written to me in that little hand writing... I was moved to know what a difference I have made in her. Ever since, I sponsored her education and meals, its like I adopted her virtually. I see her progress report every term. I write to her asking to concentrate on the subjects she should improve. It is a very wonderful relationship I share with that kid.

All I did is, I donated Rs.10000/year for her wellbeing. That's all it takes. I don't need to bother if she is doing her homework, if she is having her meals properly. Because, I know she is in the safe hands of Isha Vidhya. What else can I expect!

Isha Vidhya has constructed matriculation schools equivalent to a city school with computer facilities in remote villages. They have a very nominal fee structure. But most kids in that village couldn't afford even that. So, they have come up with a unique opportunity for every one of us to participate in rural village children's education. More than 60% of the pupils studying there are sponsored by people like me.

I request all the city folks, especially the ones who are in the lap of growing and blooming IT industry, to please sponsor a child. It only takes Rs. 10000, 200USD, 150 Euro. You may not realize until you sponsor and receive a letter from that little one thanking you for the help, what a new fulfilled experience it is. If you sponsor a child, please don't stop sponsoring midway. The kid has to look for another donor. Try to sponsor them until they reach their matriculation standard.

My sponsored child, Padmasree is now having good meals and education. She even aims to become a great professional and a super great human being! Because she is brought up in love and grace!

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