Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good bye my dear!

It's new year! I don't know if I should be writing something like this... I need a vent out. So this article is dedicated to me and me alone!

He was doing great, on top of the world I should say, just fine and healthy. He also had a care-taker. She was not OK though. The care-taker didn't even know he was there. It was like she alone was present and he was not there. This guy tried to differentiate his presence in several ways to her. She continued to ignore him, but not for long.

The day came when both he and she met each other. The next day, for various reasons, she sent him to another care-taker!

She bid a painful adieu to him with prayers that he would be happy, healthy and in good terms with his new care-taker. Because she knows there are plenty of people unlike her waiting for his arrival. He would be a happy person there. She has such strong positive vibes for him. Till her last breath, she would pray for his wellness.

Now he is gone away from her... She misses him dearly. Hope he has reached a person who can nurture him for 9 long months and bring him to this world as a strong healthy person. She is sure he would enter a space where he would bring loads of happiness to one and all.

This may sound crazy but she knows she will meet him one day! Until then, Good-bye my dear! and Good luck!