Friday, September 30, 2011

Blame it on the hormones...

I am sorry, "Guys". It is yet another article on male-female analysis…

Men are given respect – Huge respect! For what? Any guesses? Not for age, not for job, not for character, not for their salary.
But because they are "MEN"; Oh yeah! because they are have more Testosterone than women; rather they are the proud owner of that proprietary hormone! :P

I vividly observe this in most household including mine. Mother-in-law won’t sit in front of son-in-law. Husbands are not supposed to do house chores - “Please they aren’t made for it. They are MEN”. This is not the case in most city households. If you travel South of Tamilnadu, you could see this in pretty much in many villages and towns. I am not sure if man of the house demands this, but has been provided to him, by default. So, no woman dares to question it. It is like ‘Sun rises in the east’ – rule of the nature!

It happened in my home "sweet home", a couple of days back. Cook was as usual on unplanned leave and mom not quite OK. So, it was my dad who rose to the occasion as always. At the end of the day, our kitchen sink was overflowing with used utensils and vessels. I thought it was not appropriate for my dad to get up early in the morning, wash everything and begin cooking. I casually asked Raj to help out as I was tired that day because I am a WOMAN (I mean cos of progesterone - periods) :P. He began to do it. That’s it. Hell broke loose with my parents. They came to me and murmered ‘ask him to leave it and go’, ‘he shouldn’t be doing it’! I was like ‘gimme a break’ and cut them off sharp.

I am not blaming men here. If you carefully observe it is the social fabric. Nice fabric – jus that it is not used properly, I would say.

On further physical examination, what is the real difference between men and women. Appearance? Organs? Thoughts? Emotions? – Pls, whatever it is... Let’s blame it on the hormones. Otherwise, you and me are humans, without doubt!

Let’s take a step further and do a comparison…

Human being is a great possibility. It’s something that probably every other species aspire to be. Human birth is the highest, next to God! (let me stop here and not turn spiritual!)

Now, what do we do with this human being. Men dominate women not just in the name of marriage, in every relation we have created in this culture. Now, have you seen any male animal doing this to the female animal? Don’t they take care of their lives well? Don’t they operate smoothly?

With that extra intelligence bestowed upon us, I think we have every right to live sensibly and treat each other with mutual respect and empathy.

It’s time (it’s too late already) we realize men and women are the same species – damn with those hormones! (I think we should let them do their designated jobs ;-) and not use it for abusing the remaining half). :D