Wednesday, May 24, 2017

When wife returns the smile...

When he is very content with me around, he would smile at me (like his teeth are participating in a fashion show parade to win the best tooth set). It might be because I went overboard and did some favour or I did my duty of cooking and served him food which is a rare thing nowadays for we live in different places most of the times. Or I didn't bicker him when he was engaged on his own for hours together either in work or in a game or a movie.
Representative figure. Left is me, Right is him. :))
So for aforementioned reasons or for something else, he'd carry that wide grin. Mostly I wouldn't overreact nor would I return the extra long smile. I simply smile for at the background of mind, what he did six months back was going on. Or I might be recollecting that dialogue he uttered inadvertently which was not settled properly. Or I would genuinely be busy with my usual preoccupation on what needs to be done next. Typical of a woman perhaps?! :D

Now the return...

It was almost lunch time when I returned from yoga class to which I left for early in the morning. I had some long discussions with our team of volunteers. Our discussions would generally be filled with fun, laughter, intensity and action. For no particular reason, I was ecstatic. I reached home smiling all along. I felt fresh and energetic. This is how I feel whenever I attend Isha Yoga sessions.

When I reached home, I saw him dozing between his office calls (catching up on the lost quota of sleep). I gently stroked him. He lifted his heavy eye lids and tried to decipher who that angel was. I was grinning at him. He rubbed his eyes and noted my rather vicious smile.
"Gimme 5 mins", he muttered. He was slowly getting up as I stood straight in the line of his eyesight with that same wide grin. He noted it. Now, I was doing it purposefully to confuse him.
"What did you do this time?" That was a monologue. I continued to smile even more. "What's with you?" was unuttered. He is a man of few words, you know.
His brain's neurons are functioning at the maximum now and after a quick permutation combination of past events, "Alright, so you bought something for yourself. It's OK. What is it? How much did you spend?"

I with a superior posture, 'No, you are wrong, Mr. Husband!'. 'Husband' is how I address him nowadays. As we age, I am training myself to address him with respect. :))

"I was simply smiling. This is how you smile at me at times. I thought I would return the favour." ("You silly brat, crook!", was unuttered again. :P)

It was quite amusing to note how he interpreted my grin and what sort of reputation I have. "What to do, Abirami. Your history is like that!", he would promptly justify and I'd stand before him unarmed without defence.

I am no less, anyway. With my way of existence, somebody else would have gone and admitted himself into an asylum. His survival skills are high! :))

"Smile. It costs nothing" Really?! In our case, it may cost past, present, future... :D