Thursday, May 13, 2010

I missed it by a whisker!

It was terrible to lose the opportunity by 0.5! I prepared it for almost 2 weeks ever since I came to know about it... Though I was part of the organizing team, I am supposed to undergo the examination before I could participate. You may not even believe, in the last week before the examination, I took all these as part of my diet

Drumstick in all forms (in Sambhar, poriyal etc)
Drumstick leaves - Greens - cooked gravy
Pretty much all types of fruits

I thought taking these will increase my count...

Finally the day arrived!

On the morning, I took a full meal again drumstick leaves sambhar. :))
I reached office. I motivated every one in my team to participate in this... However, they also need to qualify, else they will get rejected... (There is no wild card entry :)) )

I went to the spot along with my team... After checking my weight, age and other particulars they let me in. One of the persons there punched my finger, took a drop of blood. After a few moments, 'hers is 12'. The physician in front of me said, 'come after lunch' and wrote 'unfit' in my blood donation form...

Yes, I am talking Blood Donation camp arranged by my company with Lions Club. It is a very noble act... It is about saving life. So, I was very particular about donating. Knowing my health condition I thought I prepared well... But I lost it by 0.5. Had my heamoglobin count was 12.5 or more, I would have qualified.

When you lose, you can lose by a big margin. No issues. Getting very close to the winning mark and then losing is miserable...

Many of my team members whom I urged to give blood, qualified and they all donated blood... I was happy, atleast I could do that!

But the real bad part is my entire team teases me like 'Oh! she failed the test', 'She got rejected', 'Oh poor... She lost it' having seen my interest in this entire episode :))