Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blink... Oops! 5 years gone!

Blink - Malcolm Gladwell gave a new meaning to this word. A well researched, factual yet unputdownable book written by him. I loved it.

But the blink that happened in my life and that I am going to write here is a different one...

I was taking bath, when my daughter banged the bathroom door, "Mom, can you please open the door? Just 2 minutes?!" I couldn't ignore since her request was persistent. And I don't let her enthusiasm die so easily. So, thought I would check what she wanted. I peeped out and there she was proudly displaying her drawing to me and asking "How is it, Mom?". I was like "Oh! It is lovely dear. Go colour it!"

I closed my eyes and remembered how she was a jus born, lying next to me and trying to suck milk with all her might. How much things have changed since then! The dawn of May 15th, I recollected - my arduous efforts in pushing this little gal out! How much I cursed myself to have opted for natural delivery! How she terrified the nurses by showing her head out when they thought I had an evening to endure in labour! A stealthy smile escaped my lips.
The pain, the exhaustion, the relief, the disappointment - yeah, I was disappointed when I heard my baby's weight was 2.56 Kg - the surprise - Well, I expected a 4 Kg baby boy! and the overall excitement about everything new henceforth flashed like a lightening.

I realized time flies... 5 years rolled on, like the wheels of the cycle! Yes, I completely endorse this symbolical expression used in those old movies to manifest time and its effects :)

How expressive and vocal has she become now? How many languages does she speak now? How quickly does she learn things! Marvelled at the growth, progress and changes, here am I in complete astonishment over the blink I encountered.

I don't know her agenda for having taken this birth. But sometimes I feel her sole agenda seems to be teaching me life's lessons. She built in me extra ordinary amount of patience, resilience that only made me adept in handling life more saner than ever. Of course, Isha played a bigger role in it.

I wonder in another blink, she would be a grown up girl taking me head on! Time - Give me a moment, let me gear up! :D