Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My BF told 'I love you'!

No no no... it's not 'Boy Friend', it is 'Best Friend'... my BF told 'I love you' to her date (if i can call him so). She seems to be set well into the groove - "Courtship with her would be husband!" A perfect relationship, ideal couple, they look like...

As I turn back, and walk along the memory lanes of the times I spent with her, I know, 'Romance, love, longingness, anxiety of separation' were all once 'Greek & Latin' to her... Now this thin lady is dancing in love's rhythms! I can't tell you how happy I am and definitely not how happy she is :)
Mind is capable of doing many things that you wouldn't imagine, and Love will be a key player in the game... My dear lady is doing/saying unimaginable things for her stature and character!

Wishing tons of luck to her 'would be' ;-), couldn't resist pitying him :) as he nods his head for e'thing she says!

Once the romance wears out a bit, its gonna be fun to watch them! But I hope they live long with the freshness of love and romance for many many years :)

Good luck buddies!

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