Saturday, April 11, 2009

How does it feel?! :-)

Its gonna be almsot 2 years since my little one came to this world, or in other words I became a mother...
How does it feel?! It feels like e'thing... Yes, e'thing in my life... So far what ever feeling I felt in me, every bit of it has intensified. Happiness, tears of joy, love, compassion, passion, anxiety, disturbance, resentfulness, loneliness, helplessness! It was a different
'me' altogether to me! I never thought Isha will take Raj's place in terms of energy, attention & time... May be I took it very hard on me - The Parenting.

Not even 2 years and I kinda feel exhausted emotionally to bear her every mischief, every smile, every laughter, every hug, every illness, every cry, every tantrum and what not! It is so overwhelming... Having said all this, I feel so intense! very intense!
Intensely joyful, intensely compassionate and intensely sad too... It is like swinging from one end to the other end...
And you know what! I am enjoying the ride!
(I better do! :-)) )

So with that,
I am saying 'Congratulations' to me and to all mothers in the world!
They deserve much more than what they do now!

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