Friday, October 24, 2008

Game over...

Now, this is getting a little serious...

This is what happened. I smashed my brother's mobile to the floor... it broke into tiny pieces! Raj said, 'you need not play... move out!'... I stayed unmoved there in front of Prasad with whom I was playing a game... Chess board stared at me with a no-way but defeat look! I gave a cold reply to Raj, 'ask him(Prasad) to play', not interested in talking to Prasad directly. He was busy trying to set the pieces of his broken mobile together... After a few moments, he quietly played the game while I helped fix the mobile.

Game was over, he won!

I knew I behaved violent... The comment he made when I was about to lose really really irritated me~ 'Dont come here to play chess... go take care of Isha. You are fit for that' ~ the next instant he was searching for the broken pieces of his mobile!
It was derogatory I felt...

But after giving some serious thought, there is nothing derogatory about his comment. ONLY I can take care of my toddler. Definitely he can't do it. For that matter even Raj cannot make her take a bite of food... Isha and I share the most intense relationship. Yes, I am fit to take care of Isha, 100%

Let me tell you something, I am a very deep and intense (rather mad) person! You are gaming with me, you better let me win :P or have your mobile away :))

1 comment:

Abi said...

Well..she was partly right.One cant see a more emotional person than her.
i went over the top commenting about her in that way for which i still regret.neva thought she wud take it in a serious vein but u neva know wat kinda injury words can inflict on..
Iam sorry for my i got to eat my words:-)
but my mobile which hav def'ly outlived its life already seems in no mood to give up yet.I wish she wud outlive my life!!!