Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Promise and Hope...

Everything has a purpose. So is this write up! This is going to talk about an ever optimistic lady and how she takes on her little bit withered, lost-hope kind of a brother… And finally something that would move your heart!

‘I feel like committing suzu’ [let me explain, his short form of ‘suicide’] ranted my brother. Now the ebullient sister, who has never let him down, supported him, never gave him up with anyone, especially with his parents, tried to make sense which only exasperated him… What went on and what could have gone wrong! Before you start biting your nails, let your eye balls graze the below passages J

‘Now what happened? The world is beautiful. Whether you like it or not, nature has been kind on us. You have a job and you excel in whatever you do. Gone are those dark not-so-hopeful days. You are independent!’ I pulled the curtains up for a sensible, initially heart wrenching, later heartwarming show…

He interrupted, ‘Is this all life about? Given a choice and looking at how this world is operating, how animals suffer in the hands of unscrupulous humans, how underprivileged kids are deprived of basic education, how most rural women endure life with their indifferent, born-to-drink husbands, would you not wish the world to come to an end!?’ I could understand the depth and pain in his words. Does that mean I could let him go off the hook? I have HOPE I could change the world! Now that’s tall, isn’t it?

‘Dear brother, I have hope. You are looking at scores of people who suffer. I am looking at people whose lives are enhanced, whose lives are transformed from hopelessness to hope by people of generous hearts like you and me. We are providing quality education to 5200 kids through Isha Vidhya initiative! Have you seen the twinkle in their eyes? With good meals, quality education much better than city schools, love and gratitude, those kids hope they could bring their families out of the vicious poverty cycle! I want the world to exist for them. India’s next generation is in their hands and am working for it.’

Looking at the audacity and authenticity with which I spoke, he further rebuked ‘Oh Come on! How about other kids who don’t get it? I spoke with a 7th grade government school girl asking her ‘what five fives are (5x5=?)?’ for which she replied ‘anna, appadina?’ (Brother, what is that?). I went on to offer her chips. She replied ‘anna, sips vendamna’. SIPS and not chips?! How is she going to take on this bullying world, you eternal optimist!’ [BTW, believe me, that’s the standard of government schools!]

He poked my heart with that question (I know these days poking means fun!). But this one was too painful. I went on to instill hope in him as always, successfully concealing my anguish and leaving him bewildered at the immensity of my perception and vision… I told him ‘Today they may suffer. But tomorrow, they WILL smile.’

I know I am not done!
I am running for a cause. I am running to educate rural Tamilnadu. I am participating in Chennai marathon, running for Isha Vidhya. I made a commitment, rather a promise that I would reach out to as many people as possible.

Dear friend, I need your support. Of course, I didn’t make this promise without you in my mind. Everyone has the willingness to help. But the means, genuineness of the cause [does my hard-earned money really reach the poor and the needy?] are deterrents. But here you know how your contribution is being spent.

Isha Vidhya need monetary support to construct class rooms, toilets, hire teachers, to provide food, school buses, book, uniforms, needless to say for everything. When this initiative was started in Cuddalore in the Tsunami affected regions, no family was willing to send their children to school. They thought it was a farce that Isha Vidhya would provide education free of cost. The children initially came without basic hygiene. Those committed teachers there even brushed their teeth, combed their hair, provided them snacks out of little money they had, before they went on with ‘A B C Ds’. Now in all 9 IV rural matriculation schools, meals are being provided!

I make this promise – ‘Change is on the way, dear child. Don’t lose hope’

Other ranting, if you think what will I get out of this –
Fulfilling experience

Before I close this article, let me talk about a small boy whose education was sponsored by someone like me in Isha Vidhya, Tuticorn village. A 3rd grade little bud was questioned, ‘What would you want to become in the future?’ for which came a stunning reply ‘I want to become a very rich man, earn lot of money.' Hmm... That's not OK the questioner thought and proceeded to know why, pat came the reply, 'I want to sponsor FOUR kids like me!’ His eyes sparkled as he said this... Should I continue to talk on the impact?!

All I could say is ‘Good deed is contagious’…

Please click on this link to donate or reach out to me @ abirami.raj@gmail.com if you are interested. To know more or to become a part of this, please watch this video

It may leave a small hole in your pocket, but be rest assured it would fill your heart with love and purpose!

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