Friday, December 9, 2016

An Open Letter to Mr. Kejriwal

Dear Kejriwal,

Over the last 3 years you have provided high quality entertainment. Particularly, after May 2014, the quality of your social media entertainment has grown leaps and bounds. Every day, I look forward to your posts and tweets of all the affairs involving your favorite person, Modi "Ji". 
The moment I see your posts, I gleefully jump to the comments section and enjoy each and every mouthful of comment. I eagerly look forward to 'Hit like if you think he is the greatest chor on the planet!' comment or 'Hit like if Kejriwal is the best PM of the world' comments & its replies. I can't possibly elucidate how bored I felt when you didn't post/tweet much while you were away on Vippasana. 

Around the same time, your best friend @bdutt blocked me on Twitter and I didn't get to enjoy her tweets. Since I lost that package already, I rely only on your valuable presence. That's the reason, I don't give my "piece of mind" to you (what if your team mercilessly block me too) and be a silent admirer of your true #Krantikari efforts!

But now am afraid I may not be able to give the same level of attention to your social media ranting. Because we have an uncanny death at home (state) and we South Indians, esp. Tamilians have become Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery. :-D

Hence I appeal to you to take a break from many FB live, post that you do, for I can't afford to miss such high quality entertainment and absolutely hilarious comments section that ensues your post. Knowingly or unknowingly, you have put your so called IIT brain to best use that you have been able to extract the best possible satire from many of your "true" followers. 

After a long tiring day, nobody could entertain as you do. The loud chuckle that follows on reading your posts makes every minute of my time in social media worthwhile. 

You are the find of Indian Social Media Entertainment! Keep up the good work, Sir! But please consider my request to give us a break from your typical tweets... But if you must post something, pls do movie reviews. I am OK to skip them but nothing else. 

- Sincerely

Your Social media fan from South India
One from the betrayed crowd

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