Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Electrifying presence!

Electrifying presence - Anantha Sangamam

June 22, 2008.
We were waiting for this significant day for about a month. It was Sadhguru's sathsang for Chennai Isha meditators. When I was in US, I had seen Sadhguru more frequently than what I see him here. In about 2 years of time since we reached India, I have seen him just a couple of times, during Isha Fest and MahaShivarathiri.

June 22nd - it was a Sunday morning. I woke up, got ready with little bit of difficulty as periods pain troubled me a lot that morning. But there was just excitement all over me.

We reached Valluvar Kottam, found a parking space between two cars, parked our vehicle along side another two-wheeler. I would have rushed into the building, if it was a usual gathering. But it was Isha and Sadhguru, some gentleness embraced me. We went close to the hall looking for a place to leave our footwears and helmet. Then I saw rows and rows of neatly arranged footwears.
Did someone come and arrange it?! It was left by meditators with such care and neatness. We did the same and entered into the hall. I could feel every step taken by me, so gentle so that I don't hurt the carpet spread across the vast hall. We sat at about 100 feet from the Sadhguru's dais. Sounds of Isha was being played by those eminent Isha ashram mates (mostly Brahmacharis) with rhythmic beats from the audience clapping their hands. The hall was roaring.

Suddenly the people seated in the front started getting up, more and more stood up, like a wave. It was not difficult to figure out, it was my Master's arrival. I stood up along with others to get a glimpse of his face! My eyes started watering overwhelming with joy, bliss and happiness; my hands went up together, welcoming him. My life was made, I felt. He went up to the dais, looked at all of us gently spreading his wave of bliss over us.

After Sadhguru took his seat, we seated ourselves on the floor. The Sathsang started with 'Brahmananda Swaroopa' chanting from Him. His electrifying presence and voice sent an indescribable feeling through my spine. My mind couldn't comprehend nor react to this. My eyes were watering more and more. It was like every nerve, every cell felt His presence.

What a state it was! I wish every human being experience what I experienced just for one moment in their life. Their lives will be made!
My Pranam to Sadhguru...

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