Friday, June 13, 2008

First day of my expecting period...

First day of my expecting period...

It started like this... One fine day, all of a sudden I didn't quite feel alright. Shekhar sensed it! I didn't believe initially.

Thanks to Google - I was convinced even without any tests being taken, that it could be so. Next day, we rushed to hospital! Guess what! It turned out to be a Sunday and there were no doctors in the nearby hospital.

Could I
wait till Monday? No way! So with loads of excitement, we went to Ramakrishna Hospital, about 5 km from my home; reached the place 20 minutes short of 12.

The receptionist asked us 'which doctor do you want to see?' We had no clue :) Libi was trying to reach me from Bangalore to know what was happening. I took her call and asked her if she knew someone in that hospital.

mom was answering from behind, "Ask her to go to Dr.Mridhubashini'. I blurted out to the receptionist 'Dr. Mridhubashini'.

"She is not available now. Would you like to meet one of her assistants?' ~Oh! What will we do now!~ We said 'OK!' without giving much thought.

'Please proceed to Women centre... Go fast, as the consultation closes by 12 today' she said nonchalantly.

I hung up the call with Libi while I moved towards the building. The women's center was located in the 1st floor of the building.

The person there asked us the registration number. ~Now what is that?!! Having done with the seemingly lengthy registration formalities, the registrar informed the sister there, 'one more to go. with this patient, we will close for today. ~Thank God!

There was little time to anticipate anything from the visit. As we were waiting in the waiting hall impatiently, 'Abirami, please come for the check up!' the microphone in the hall shouted. That was quick!! Oh! We are really going to meet the doctor now!

After 10 minutes of check up and test, she informed Shekhar, 'Your wife is pregnant, may be 9 weeks now. Come tomorrow morning for a scan.'

We moved into the parking area, he smiled at me and took my hands in his. No words exchanged! His mobile rang as he started the two wheeler. It was Libi again. I confirmed 'Yes it was that. I am expecting' :)

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jazzy_rampras said...

actually u owe alot to libi and her mom..if i was ya,i wuda got libi a DIAMOND RING and her freaky loved one "devil" a mobile and a driving license..