Monday, December 28, 2009

Is there a solution?

It was 10.45 PM, 12/21/2009. I was on my way back home, sitting inside the cab, watching the wiper move - up - down up - down... heavy rains outside! The wipers were dutifully clearing up the vision. When I was lost in my thoughts, suddenly I heard the cab driver speak , 'I dont know how next generation is going to be' I was startled to hear that while he continued, 'this month is margazhi and there is no fog or mist in the morning... there is too much of rain now which is not good for this season...' Like this he continued... How should I feel?! While I was glad to see the climate change awareness among common people, I was immensely sad to realize what kind of Earth or environment I am leaving for my child, my future generation. We, the current residents of the earth are already victims of the pollution and other contamination we are doing to the environment.

A few generations ago, asthma was not known to many people. Now it is a very common disease. 3 out of 10 children in US are suffering from asthma.
What about India... I have a living example. My two and a half year old toddler was diagnosed of wheezing, the beginning signs of asthma.

It sends shivers through my spine.
What am I doing about it!? A few months back, I planted two saplings in some unused space near my place. For every new leaf I saw in those future trees, I carried a wide smile on my face and happiness in my heart. I know it is a very small step, but remember, little drops make an ocean!

Interested in knowing what more can be done about global warming? Read this article - Precious

Let me appeal to you, Guys and gals, Save our earth. Plant trees! That could be our only saviour, if at all anything is there. Lets be kind to our children and their chuldren. It is not some X or Y. It is my child and your child, you and me who are the victims!

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