Saturday, December 12, 2009

My husband slapped me!

I did it! It took 5 years and several months to happen. Finally he laid his hands on me. Hey wait...! This was for a big blow! Yes, he slapped me! It was not easy for either of us. It took several hours to reconcile. Atleast to talk to each other. On top of this, we visited his mom's place that night. Did that help or cause more trouble? Lets see... With not too much of sham we did, they found out something fishy was going on between us. So we were forced to get into terms faster. I too was not interested in making them(my parents-in-law) wonder or worry for a longer time. While everyone was contemplating what caused all this, the eldest soul in the family, his grandpa (he is like my own too), decided to get some story out from me. While I didn't let out the entire drama for there is nothing much to be said, profound advice started pouring in, from e'one there (except my in-laws) on what! how to keep him (my husband) happy!!! On any day, I wouldn't have taken it. For whatever reason, I stayed calm. I went ahead to convince them, 'we will be ok' (and we were after a while). We returned home after 2 days. On the way back, I simply commented, ' There is nothing wrong with them (grandpa and others there), just this society is fabricated that way... It is a male dominated society, you cannot expect much from it' Let me also tell you, my in-laws and family are the best one could get! The entire episode along with reconciliation happened very fast. The visit did help reduce the tension between us.

However the weekend is not over yet. Isha was not OK with her health. She kept falling sick and still is... That evening, she was so adamant on eating something which is not good for her health. I admonished her with a loud voice! That's it! She broke into big time tears and started saying with her weeping voice, 'Amma vendam' (I don't want mom). I heard her say that for the first time. I was always her favorite person, not anymore :( Somewhere I am turning to be stricter mother! Thus she added more to my weekend blues which finally got over.

Uff!! I am happy it got over... I despise such weekends, I am better off without such tormenting ones!!!

Oh Yes! We are ok and happily married for 5 years and 5 months now with a little princess :)


RV said...

you are lucky it is only after 5 years and 5 months ;-))

Abi said...

Hey Radhika, do you mean to say you both are already head over heels in fighting? ;-)
It is too early guys! ha ha...

krr said...

happens Abi.....guess these things make us learn lot more about life than the cozy weekends :-)