Friday, June 11, 2010

Conversations with the little lady :)

Little Conversations with my kid

We were in our usual night patrolling just before getting to bed, almost close to 12. We usually bid good night to all the 'bow wow!'s on the street and the lizards on the wall... So today, we saw a dead mouse ran over by a vehicle
Isha: Mom, What is this? Is it a horse? [the mouse was so out of shape, it appeared like a sea horse]
Mom: No Chinnu, it's mouse... Mouse was so mischievious, that it came so fast on the streets and was ran over by the car...
Isha: Is it? Poor thing [she was very concerned by now]
Mom: let us be more careful, let's go home...
Chinnu: Mom, I'll ask dad to apply medicine to the mouse and i will beat up the car. lets go to bed. i am feeling sleepy...

Isha saw a black mole in my arm and below is our conversation around it

Isha: amma, what is it?
mom: oh, it is an insect bite [i didn't want start something new and handle a series of questions :)]
isha: was it painful?
mom: not really chinnu
isha: i will kiss the wound and then you will feel better [and then she bent down to kiss the mole]
is mom feeling ok now?
mom: yes, chinnu
isha: once i see the insect, i'll smash it.

One afternoon, my aunt, one of her favourite persons other we both was sitting alone in the balcony, lost in thoughts...
Little lady started the conversation

isha: what are you doing here, nanny?
aunt: i am just sitting alone
isha: why are you alone?
aunt: i dont have anyone
isha: why so?? I am there for you right? then whats the problem!!!
come here...
aunt: whatever she was worried about vanished and she was so full of joy at the little one's words :)

This conversation happened almost a year back and this was with her grandpa
They both were waiting in the bank counter

grandpa: isha, get me some money
isha: i dont have money grandpa
grandpa; ok, it is alright... go, ask mom
isha: [she was sitting on his lap... slightly stretched, peeked into my dad's pocket, saw the few rupee notes and then uttered]
see, you already have money right, then why are you asking me? [un kitta kaasu irukku illa, appram enna?]

And the list is endless... :)


Vikram Harindran said...

Nice Read Abhi!!!

தம்பி... said...

Pinnra poonga :)

Lissy said...

Istn´t it amazing what´s coming out of our little ones´mouths...what a wisdom they have at this age...wonderful! May she be free to grow forever!!!

வளர் said...

Good!!! you taught her all good things. Lets make the next generation with good thoughts and broad view. Nice to read it.. and lets spread the love and joy...

Bharathi said...

Superb abi, the blog is very nice.



Abi said...

These tiny ones learn from us, imitate us... So, if you want to bring up a good child with good habits, you got to clean up yourselves...

Now that is not easy... So, I keep talking to her all the time with conscious efforts to cleanse her thought process... Looks like it works :)

Eg. In most houses, I have seen esp. grand parents hitting the wall and consoling kids 'see i have hit the wall, you don't cry... here after the wall will not hit you' This dialogue happens if the kid hit himself against the wall say while playing...

To us, it's a very small, probably easy way to pacify the kid.

But, we are perhaps sending the wrong message... if you hit the other person, your pain will go!

So, I say 'Poor thing... the wall is also hurt... even it is having pain. let's ask if the wall is doing ok' and then i imitate like the wall speaking :)

That's lot of work right!!??