Sunday, June 20, 2010

Performance review to a dad on Daddy's day

What's the buzz all about? I didn't understand a few years ago when I was in US doing my usual weekend shopping...
I saw many dad's with little ones at shopping marts... T-shirts written 'my dad is best', posters with 'dad and kid doing fishing', mugs, cards etc etc... What were they celebrating?

Daddy' day?!!! It didn't quite mean to me then!

Now a few years passed by after the little girl's arrival I saw more meaning in it than ever... So I was planning to celebrate it. To me, this day was more important than Diwali or Pongal where I just sleep off the day! I took the kids to the nearby park... They had a good time there... 'don't want rice' was ok today :) Fruits were served to them, gulfi ice cream was allowed (they get it e'day anyway when I am away at work :)) ) I ordered food from outside, I made the dish he likes it much and... I felt like saluting my dad! I made molagai bajji for my dad, lemon rice & boli for my husband... Two brilliant dads I know in great intimacy and without whom my life would have been different - am sure it wouldn't have been for the better...

3 years and no one round of performance review for chinnu's dad?! What a manager I am :))
Let's do it today :))

Performance review for Father of Isha Krupa:

Being a working dad, he managed his responsibilities very well and was able to juggle around the tasks given to him.

He quickly donned the role of dad as soon as the little one arrived. It took a while for him to understand what was going on. But he rendered all support required during the crucial time.

As the kid grow up, he played the role of 'good cop' while mom played 'bad cop' for giving food and medicines :) I think he did an excellent job there too.

He taught mom Ramayana and all linked stories, now that mom and kid are independent story tellers. While mom can spin new stories on the fly... Kid can recite Ramayana and Krishna story with all the character names well.. Remarkable achievement for all of us!

Participation in daughter's day today activities:

Bathing the child - On request
Brushing the teeth - when asked for and they both do it without hassles, where mom has to struggle for hours!
Feeding her - Almost every week night when mom not available. He has scaled up so much nowadays! He has learnt the knack after all :)
Doctor's appointment - always available and have not missed anything.
Birthday and b'day celebrations - Not as excited as the mom, but he gives due importance. He is not a person to care much about b'days, esp. mom's b'day ;-) but I think kid's day is important to him.
Time sharing - Excellent between Chess and kid!!! Chess has been his passion for the last 4 years. You may want to check out his ratings at! He's deemed to become a chess trainer one day!
Time management - Awesome!!!
Kissing - TOOOOO much :))
Hugging - much to the mom's jealousy!

Now the final verdict...Though he deserves a better rating, we can't have more than one "top" rater in one family. So we are forced to give 'Exceeded expectations most of the times'. Now who is the top rater - It is none other than the daughter herself. She takes the cake - 'Exceeded expectations all the times' :))

[Oops... Have I let the Corporate rating secret out??!!]

Anyways, when you go ask her 'do you want mom or dad', she says 'I want both of them'... She deserves it for all the things she does and doesn't ;-)!

Both mom and dad are ok with 3 (in a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being highest)!


Rajasekhar said...

hmm .. good, so you have mastered the trick of rating a 4-rater with 3! thanks for the wonderful note mommy, daddy is happy now :))

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

u have a great blog here.. loved ur post on good touch bad touch and about new husbands .u remind me of how i used to write in my personal blog b4 .. not so much inpired after ig ot married last yr :) but ur welcome to chek it anyway .. will keep followin u :)

Abi said...

Thank you for all your comments and spreading the word for a cause 'fight child molestation'...

Appreciate it much! :)