Saturday, August 7, 2010

I am hungry - Its Madrasapattinam review!

Its been quite some time since my last article. Now I am hungry to write... but write on what?!

Well... It is about the movie I just watched - "Madrasa pattinam" ... I don't know the director of the movie until the end. When I saw the name in the movie poster while I was leaving the theatre, I said "Way to go Vijay!" Brilliant movie. Generally I keep myself away from writing any reviews. I never felt like writing about any movie... But this one was too tempting!

I have not seen many movies where audience wouldn't want to leave the theatre. But today I witnessed, the audience were glued to their seats and their eye balls pinned to the screen, even after the movie ended! Probably, Back ground music score mesmerised us!

Three classic scenes, worth talking about...

1) Paridhi was falling in love with Amy... But language was a barrier. He couldn't utter a word in English... So, he makes all attempts to learn it. Just to say a few sentences like What is your name? How are you?. "Ah! I have learnt, let me talk to 'Durai amma'..."
So, they both meet in the middle of a river... In a desperate moment, he forgets, tries to recollect in bits and pieces of what he learnt! Amy quietly watches his stutters and replies 'marandhittiya?' and steals the hearts of everyone!!! A beautiful melody song follows...

2) This scene left me with goose bumps. Aug 15 1947 midnight, Freedom fighters were hoisting the flag, with great joy and pride! The same feeling, great joy and relief kind of spread and filled in me :) What a great moment it should have been... After many many decades of fight and slavery, we got back our mother land.

For a moment, I was asking this question to myself - Hard earned freedom, what have we done to this nation? Have we made justice to this blood shed freedom?! Hmm...

3) Now the final scene... When Granny Amy finds Paridhi! The final words she spoke holding the 'thaali' in her palm closed, 'Its mine, mine!'
Awesome!! Awesome!! You should watch it!

Overall, a fantastic movie with a brilliant screenplay and script!

Hats off to Vijay, Arya and Amy team!!!


தம்பி... said...

Madam, pinni pedal eduthutinga...

Nalla irukku madam unga movie review !!

Nice !! Keep Writing Madamae..

Vijay ISHA said...

I saw the movie continously 3 shows