Friday, July 29, 2011

Hell with my view!

Your view or My view:

Views, opinions, judgements are all over the place… Except devils and dogs, I think everyone is all the time making comments about almost everything.

I got into a heated discussion with my bro sometime last week about culture. Each of us was profusely abusing each other’s views and thoughts.

Suddenly a grappling thought occurred. Who the hell am I to pass a comment or judgement on something someone did. Do I know all the parameters with which they performed that action?

Take for example, ‘He shouldn’t have ditched that girl and married another girl’ How easily said? Now, do I know what agony he underwent before making such a decision, do I know what transpired between the couple, do I know how things were conspired against him? Or do I know how his planets and stars were lined up against him? ;-)

I might have known a few things but not everything, not in its entirety. So, why don’t I just shut up?!

Each one is unique and each situation is unique. Every moment is different. No two people can think or act the same way.

I think we should leave it to them to handle their doings or karma, instead of spraying frivolous comments on people and their decisions. Right or wrong is so subjective and we can argue on it forever.

Now, am I going to stop talking about MMS, MSD, Sonia Gandhi, Tirupathi Balaji (yeah… I mean Lord Venky) or Aleem Dar? Oh pls… I am not Lady Good or Lady Right!
But I think I will not meddle with anyone’s personal decision not until I am asked to.

Sorry Bro if I hurt your feelings. Yet, please don’t provoke me again and testify this article. Because I admit I am not yet Lady good or right. ;-)

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