Sunday, July 31, 2011

A leaf from my college life!

How I got famous in a day... A leaf from my college days!

Aug 17 1998, I was in GCT, Coimbatore in the hostel campus after completing all the admission formalities. My first day! I had absolutely no idea of what I was into. I was kind of blank. I did my 12th standard with unwavering determination to achieve something and not this college or degree [Not that I didn't want this, but thought I wouldn't get this] - My aim was to become a Maths tuition teacher and make a living out of that. However, my scores landed me here. With no imagination of my first day there, I was quite open to things and my priority was to get acclimatized there as soon as possible. To kick the unknown factors out soon of my mind.
I happened to know a senior there through my friend. Her name was Kalyani. My first socializing move happened through her. I was being introduced to the sophomores (second year) by Kalyani. As they enquired about me, I returned the gesture.

That's it! Like wild fire, my name was being spread for controversies among my own hostel mates and seniors.
This was why they were looking for me - "Who is Abirami? There is one girl who has come from Chennai and talking in ENGLISH. [And that was unpardonable then] Who is that girl who is asking questions back to seniors [like what is your name? where are you coming from?]? One half crack says 'Nice to meet you' to the seniors. Where is she?"

Terror! My fellow hostel mates were afraid to tell my name. They hadn't seen or interacted with me, just heard my name as I was the most wanted person. Know what? I was blissfully unaware of all these happenings.

With my unconventional but spontaneous behaviour though, I continued to become famous... Mostly related to ragging incidents.

For Chennai freshers, our train journey back home for holidays and vacation had always been a great adventure in itself. Soon after our first train journey, people were again looking for me 'Abirami interrupted the ragging session conducted earnestly by the final years in the train and said she wanted to go to sleep. No one has ever done that.'

This was very hard for me. Because, I couldn't instill any fear factor in me forcefully, especially for ragging. I continued to see the seniors as seniors. Nothing more than that. I found it extremely hard to keep my face stern and serious, when the ragging sessions were going on. Thankfully they were not harsh or abusive. It was jus meaningless. To put up a show as if I was terrified was so difficult, it was like I could burst into laughter anytime...

Anyways, years rolled by fast! and soon I became a mother... Wait wait... lots of things happened in between... Long living friendships, degree, job, falling in love (haven't gotten up yet), marriage, child and don't know what's next...


Jayashree said...

U made the post very short. But, it kindled lot of old memories :-)

Abi said...

thanks jay for the comment. I don't get too much time to write nowadays... i jus write for relaxation :)